Sunday, November 26, 2017

No. 213 ***Complete sissy Training Program**

Hi sissies!
OK, so I thought it would be a LOT easier to setup a free website to publish training files.... turns out I am not as lucky as I thought i'd be...! BUT.... I do have another idea that will work, it just needs a little time to developand a lot less luck... :)
So here is what we're going to do for now:
  • we are going to start with an audio hypno
  • then we are going to watch a video hypno
  • then we are going to do something girly all day long
  • finally we are going to fall asleep listening to a loop of girly reinforcement
Every day will be different for a period of four weeks then we will switch to a new regimen for an additional four weeks. After those eight weeks, we will do four weeks of advanced training then finally four weeks of immersion training. Easy-peasy..... 16 weeks (four months) later you WILL be so much more girly you will hardly remember the old (fake) you!

For this to work, you must be willing to do the training everyday. Make it important, because it IS.... you deserve to be who you are and you NEED to be that girl in your head.....LET HER OUT.
When I was a young boy/girl I used to LOVE watching The Partridge Family reruns....I wanted so MUCH to grow up to be Laurie Partridge..... and I had the BIIGGEST crush on Keith (David Cassidy). Well David just passed and his final words to his daughter were "so much wasted time..."
I agree, no more wasting time!
For fun today, I bring you back to one I made a while is simple but WILL be the girl you were meant to be and you WILL do all those dirty little things you dream about. And maybe someday you WILL be the shemale
Let Her Out!

I love you sissy!