Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No. 205 **sissy Training - Going Full Cocksucker**

Hi sissies!
Short instructions to VERY important pay attention.
i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the first girl in this video...i imagine i have this body, this look, this sexiness... that is me!!!

Anyway.... while watching this video, i want you to repeat over and over, in fact do it all day long - over and over:

i want to have a girl's body
i want to wear girl's clothes
i want to suck cock like a girl
i want to get fucked like a girl

over and over and over....don't stop after you eat your it again and again. and again.....

i love you sissy




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  2. I really love Sissy Exposure, this is why the Sissy Exposure Program is Live on - take a look submit your pictures, and watche them go viral