Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No. 201 **sissy Training - Know yourself**

Hi sissies
Do you know who you are yet? you need to to progress into the sissy you were born to be...

Here is a great little video of a girl who knows who she is - chanel santini .... a compliant little sissy, alive for one serve her man. it's so sexy i had to share it. Can't you just FEEL yourself being this girl? i can...

one of the greatest things about being a sissy is that tingly feeling you get when you can almost taste it.... what it feels like to be taken by a man while primped like a horny cheerleader on Prom Night. Oh My Goodness i get so HORNY thinking about it!!

i here is you this video...really watch it...and think about being this girl in every aspect. Feel the weight of the cock in your hands....taste it and small it up close....feel it stretch your tight little pussy....grip it with your pussy....oh my god....i can feel it in me....can you?

OK, so now that you are in the proper mood...i want you to edge three times consecutively. Don't cheat your sissyness...three times then let that little ting go soft again. Now, while on all fours, you may hump a pillow saying the following lines over and over until you dribble it out:

i am a beautiful transexual princess
i want to have a girl's body
i love men
i don't like sex with girls

Say this over and over....memorize it and repeat it in your head throughout the day...over and over.

i want you tucked wile doing this so the goo oozes near your pussy. after gooing.... if you even can..., pull down your panties and rub it into your pussy and leave it there for at least 8 hours.

ok sissy, get to it!
i love you


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