Sunday, April 24, 2016

No. 202 **sissy Story - About to be Owned**

Hi sissies!

fyi....i just put together a new audio that i am going to marry to a video. this is a new venture for me but stay tuned - i think you may like it.

i wrote this a couple of weeks ago. It's partially based on a true story starring little ole' me....yup! There are Parts 2 and 3 on the way. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to nub and goo into your mouth while reading.

i love you sissy!



sissy Meets her New Daddy Ch. 1

So I took the plunge and put out an ad on Craig’s List. I was travelling in a city about 120 miles from home and figured this was far enough to not be found and close enough to go back if I had success meeting a fuck buddy that could be longer term. I got myself all primped and wore a tight print dress, matching bra panty set subtle yet slutty makeup and my fave long blonde wig.

The ad attracted immediate attention and I was sure to mention I was a sissy who wanted to be treated like a girl. I was NOT into topping a guy…no. So I finally chose this guy Rich, who happened to be black, because he seemed so polite and chivalrous. We agreed he’d come to the hotel in 30 minutes which gave me time to calm my nerves and give myself a ‘once over’. He knocked on the door and I felt a chill but answered it quickly. When he stepped in I was surprised at how much bigger than I he was. At least 6’4 and a solid/muscular 225 lbs. If not for the tiny bit of grey, I’d have thought he played for a college football team. After I poured us each a drink we sat on the sofa and made some small talk, He confessed he had never been with a sissy before but loved the idea of a man willing to degrade himself so low that he’d wear panties and a bra just to get some cock. To be such a faggot that he would dress like a girl to get fucked. I tingled at the thought of what the night would bring me and felt myself blushing a little. I was a little embarrassed that he could tell I was exactly what he thought I might be – a sissy slut. He put his hand between my legs and reached over and kissed me on the neck. I let out a little moan and felt my little thing start to twitch. I did not want to get an erection but it seemed he was going to insist as he rubbed between my legs. I had to stand up to get it to stop, more than a little ashamed of myself.

He asked, very politely, if he could watch me masturbate while he played with himself in front of me. He said this way, my tiny nub would be out of the way for the remainder of the night. Made sense I think so I took it out and started to play with it. He took off his shirt and pants and began to stroke himself. Seeing this got me excited and I started to get into it. He told me to close my eyes and think about his dick. He began to walk towards me and I could feel it rubbing against my cheek. Rich told me to talk to him and tell him what I wanted and that I am a faggy sissy who loves cock. He had me begging him to take advantage of me while he rubbed his huge semi-hard cock all over my face. I finally came and he told me to eat it all up like a good girl. Of course I did.

I came out of my trance and realized he taped the entire session with his iPhone. I asked what was up and he just laughed and said ‘insurance’. I was told to tuck and pretty myself up in the bathroom and to get back out quickly. When I did, he told me his plans – they weren’t good.

Rich decided he needed a regular sissy to do what his girl wouldn’t. He told me he planned to make an edited version of the film to show me begging for his cock while he rubbed it all over my face then eating my own cum with his cock rested up against my cheek. He didn’t say it but I knew he had my face in the video and anyone who knew me would clearly KNOW me through the makeup. I was fucked.
Rich said ‘come here pussy, it’s time to care of your new owner. Let’s see how good of a cocksucker you are. I reluctantly went down on him and started to lick and suck his cock. He was delicious but I was now scared of what was to come. He put his hands on my head and guided it up and down almost gagging me. I’ve practiced for so long on a dildo I didn’t choke but it was hard to keep the rhythm. I asked him to warn me when he was going to cum and he laughed. Turns out his warning was a tight grip over the top of my head while he drove it deep into my throat and spurted gob after gob of cum into me. Of course, this was all on video too. Relieved it was finally over, I figured I was done being used. Wrong.

Rich told me to get him another drink and come sit next to him. He told me to kiss and lick his nipples while he laid out my future. I was now his. He knew my name by running my plate through a friend and confirming it with the front desk. Everyone I know will get a copy if I don’t comply. I explained I lived far away and he calmly replied ‘so what the fuck do I care? You will drive up here whenever I say and stay as long as I want. I OWN you sissy.’ Yup, I was fucked. He laughed and said it was too easy. He had me begging to suck his cock while I jerked off then he had me ACTUALLY sucking his cock and swallowing it – all while dressed like a slut in dress, wig, makeup. I could see him start to get hard again, no doubt from my playing with his nipples. He told me he needed one more video to seal the deal. He wanted one of me fucking myself with his cock. He told me what he expected to say in the video and warned me not to fuck it up. I promised I would do as instructed so he patted my head and said ‘good sissy’. Get to work.

He laid back on the bed and started filming. I walked up, as sexy as I knew how, and asked ‘Daddy Sir, may I use you cock to fuck myself? I’m so horny and I really need to get off on your cock.’ “Sure” he replied. So I pulled up my dress a little, pulled aside my pantied and lubed my pussy. I climbed on top of him, facing him, and worked his magnificent dick into my ass and slid down on it. It hurt but I’ve had quite a few things up there so I adjusted quickly. I did as previously instructed and rolled on him and really worked it in and out of my pussy. Funny thing is, I really enjoyed this although it was extremely humiliating. “use my cock you sissy faggot, you like my cock, faggot?” “Yes Sir, your cock is awesome, thank you so much for this Daddy.” I worked harder and harder and felt a weird feeling in my inner groin. I kept grinding and the feeling started to overwhelm me.

Grinding on his cock I buried it to the hilt and felt waves of pleasure flood through my groin…..unbelievable. My little nub dribbled out some goo but was still pretty much soft in my panties. I fell forward and kissed him instinctively and he tongued my mouth while still buried inside me. I found myself begging him to fuck me and he did. Hard, long strokes. He rolled me over on my back and got between my legs .I raised up my knees and brought them back so he could settle in between my legs and have proper access to my hole. Rich leaned forward and our chests met. He nuzzled his face in the nape of my neck and went to work. I had both hands on his ass pulling him into me. ‘please fuck me daddy, I need your cum.
Holy Shit! Did I just say that. ‘Don’t worry sissy’ you’ll get every drop’ he said. Uh-oh.
He pumped then put his lips on mine, I held his ass tightly and he gave a single deep final thrust filling me with cock. I felt him empty his bowels into me and could feel it already leaking out. He pumped slowly forcing all of it deep into me as if we were trying to get pregnant. I was whimpering and could only thank him and meet his kisses. I truly felt like Rich’s girl.

When he finally pulled out he said ‘you gotta clean it off now. If you’re going to be my regular thing, I need to leave here clean. And you ARE going to be my regular’. I trembled and went to work. “so let’s set up some ground rules Jim.’ Shit he really did know my name. I kind of snapped to attention/reality. “your name is jamie now. And you WILL come to me when I want where I want. And I WANT you back here Tuesday next week. This hotel and be dressed to go out to dinner.’ Oh shit, ‘but I am not passable’ I pleaded. Riche snickered, ‘I don’t give a shit, you’re going out next week. It will be hysterical seeing you humiliated in public like a little faggot trying to get laid. And in case you get any ideas, I’ll be emailing you a copy of your performance. Bye sissy, see you next week.’

I’m fucked. 


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