Monday, April 18, 2016

No. 200 **Wanking Material - Amateur sissy Anal**

Hi sissies!
Many of you are really missing anna malice - i know i sure am! Well, in her absence, i decided to add some content not seen in the 'mainstream' sissy FUNNY....mainstream sissy! We made it! this little sissy is so cute and innocent i couldn't help but share it....  she really takes a pounding from her man - and she should right? a good and proper sissy exists for her man...just like you..... your man is's so fun and tingly to think about it, isn't it???

Anyway, this is also meant to be a training. Everything is training, right sissy? i mean really.... shouldn't you be trying to be a better sissy every minute of every day? of course you should sweetie! what i want you to do is repeat over and over, throughout the entire video, these six lines:

girls love men
i love men
i am a girl

girls love cock
i love cock
i am a girl

You may goo into your hand or on your face and eat it as a treat!

Remember, being girly is in your head, not in your clothing. push yourself, your girlish development depends upon a commitment to being the best little sissy you can be. you need to let her out, don't waste anymore time......your days are short and you NEED to be who you are. i am always here to help you my precious little one.

i love you sissy



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