Sunday, April 17, 2016

No. 199 **sissy Assignment - Hypno Immersion**

Hi sissies! of course i've said this a thousand times but i am WAY into sissy hypno. i am also WAY into helping you little darlings become the best little girly sissies you can be..... Now you know i don't charge a penny for anything and never will -- BUT -- i am going to ask you to purchase a file every once in a while. well actually several files. you see, i am going to put together a training program that ANY faggy little girly sissy can follow but you MUST follow it. i am calling it Hypno Immersion and it will help Any sissy go deep down the hole.....sound like fun????

Details will be out in a few days.....!

Now... keep in mind, this is for your own development. ......In order to be a good and proper sissy there is a necessary investment. most investment comes in the way of clothing or makeup or toys but some, like this, comes in the way of... continuing education...... i make no $ from it and i make no $ from anything i do here. i do it for the fun of it - maybe that's why i fall off the map every once in a while!!

Anyway, i want you to download the file called 'panties' from Goddess Gracie. the subliminal loop is free but training loop costs $20. Either will do the can get it:

it will be a necessary part of your development. the other 'pay' files will come later but this one is really important.

Now for part 2.... you MUST download a video downloader so you can take vids off the internet and watch them peacefully and quietly. i use speedbit downloader and it works great but get whatever you want. IMPORTANT!!!!!!! - go get a laptop. you simply cannot train effectively on a phone, sorry, you just can't.

Now for the fun part!! a lot of this training will be video based. you will have daily assignments to listen and or watch hypno. i'm still devising a way to get it all up on here but for now.... listen to 'panties' three times in a row then watch (off your hard drive) this CLASSIC in its entirety.

i love you sissy!
i can't wait to get started turning you into the little girl you were born to be

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  1. OMG I am so excited! I just bought the panties file, can't wait to see the rest!