Monday, April 4, 2016

No. 198 **Wanking Material - Babelicious**

Hi sissies!
Every once in a while a video comes along..... even one you've seen before maybe many times.....and it just grabs you. you see it differently or pickup something not previously noticed. Maybe an actress POPS on the screen, whatever.......

Well today, i watched this vid, in its entirety, and i was nearly delirious. my little wee wee doesn't get hard often and i truly love cumming while soft (for a variety of reasons) but this one got my peepee hard so i wanked it. it was weird but fun and i gooed all over my face and i loved it.

So,  in honor of my little nub figuring out a way to get hard, you may wank, pull, tug, nub, anything you want. And feel free to eat it...... enjoy!

i love you sissy!



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