Friday, February 26, 2016

No 195 **sissy Training - gay humiliation**

Hi sissies!
OK, so we already know you're gay ..... it's OK, nobody cares and it's fun to be gay anyway! Especially a faggy little sissy gay boy - it is the BEST!

SO one of the mostest bestest ways to be reminded is for a HOT girl (one you wish you looked like!) was encouraging your gayness. This is a simple vid but so appropriate for you sissy!
xhamster link is  ===> HERE
No Wanking!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

No. 194 **sissy assignment - Verbal Conditioning**

Hi sissies!
OK...two things -- MUST go to MnF Club, set up a sissy profile and start being virtually used by men. It is so fun.... make sure your profile name is obvious (mine is 'sissfaggotjamie') so the guys know what their getting into. you will be surprised how many are into it....I had an absolute BLAST last night. Whatever....., I have a fun little assignment for you. you are going to hypnotize yourself today. I tried this last week and it actually works! I want you to watch the video in full...REALLY watch it. Pay attention to every detail. Then maybe watch it again then a third time. This girl is who you are going to be in your mind. you will suck like her and be fucked like her - you ARE her! Now I want you to repeat to yourself all day long - you may do this in your head but it work better if you do it out loud even if under your breath - the following lines:

I am a girl
girls suck cock
I suck cock
I am a girl
girls love men
I love men
I am a girl
girls get fucked
I get fucked

Do this all day. It's almost like self induce brain washing....but it works. At the end of the day, you will feel more girly than ever!!!! And for a treat, you may nub and eat it tonight.

Make sure you do something girly everyday. It's fun and necessary for you to be who you are!

I love you sissy!



Friday, February 5, 2016

No. 193 sissy Training **your Penis is Too Small**

Hi sissies!
you know,,,one of the most delicious things about being a sissy is having a tiny and cute little thingy tucked into a frilly pair of panties. A sissy must remember that ANYTHING to do with elongating her clittie or stretching her little sack is a BAD idea..... i mean really....what type of presentation can you give your man if any of your parts hanging all ove the place???

So to reinforce and remind you that you have a small penis - AND to help condition your girly little brain into BELIEVING you have a small peins - i put together this fun little clip.

For fun, i want you to ALSO make sure you ONLY sit to pee. i thought this was obvious but a dear sissy friend on FetLife asked me this a few days ago and i was shocked! OF COURSE a good and proper sissy ALWAYS sits to pee EVERYWHERE - ESPECIALLY in public.

SO please do watch this clip several times per day, always have on a cute little pair of panties and always sit to pee. Not too much ask as an investment into your sissy future and happiness, right?

i love you sissy!