Monday, January 18, 2016

No. 191 **sissy Training - Girl Juice**

Hi sissies! i realize this isn't for everyone - in fact it hasn't been for me on and off over the years. But i feel it is necessary for the advancement of some of my girls to understand the importance of girl juice. Now, Girl juice can mean many things and i use the term to mean more than one this case, it is meant to mean a hormonal cocktail if you will.

First, and do understand i am NOT a physician by any means, eliminate all fake sugar from your diet. By this, i mean sucralose, aspartame, etc. Not only will these chemicals fake your body into producing insulin unnecessarily, they will kill you. And none of us want to be dead. i recommend you use actual cane sugar whenever sugar is necessary. For beverages, drink cold water with a hint of lemon or lime or mint. Additionally, you will slim down naturally by doing so and nobody really likes a chubby sissy. Sorry, one of my character flaws.... i know, i will explain this position with St. Peter someday. So remember 'thin is in'. This goes for food as well..... Here is my FREE guaranteed fitness program:

Eat less exercise more

Easy peasy

Now onto the fun stuff....again, i realize some/most of you will not or cannot do this.....i do not agree with you but nevertheless, i accept your unwillingness to participate. i want you to purchase a container of pueraria mirifica and a container of saw palmetto capsules. i take 400 mg of PM before breakfast and again before bedtime. i also take a 450 mg saw palmetto pill at the same time. i use Ainterol   and you can get it by clicking  >> HERE <<

The physical effects are slightly more than minimal and the mental effects are delicious. i truly believe i am more calm and pleasant when on my regimen. And i feel so awesomely girly taking my program knowing i am going deeper and becoming as jamie as i can get everyday!!!!  The saw palmetto is a natural anti-androgen and the phyto-estrogens in the PM are terrific for my brain. Disclaimer....your brain may be different...i am NOT a physician (2nd time saying it). i also have a nice tingling in my breasts and my nipples are very sensitive. my little thing between my legs gets less erect less often too! Now - maybe this is a placebo effect on me but I DON'T CARE.... in my head it's doing the trick and perception is 90% of the law.

Now, for your viewing of my FAVE girls - Tayla Dieckman - treating her man like a good girl should...sucking figers, ATM, on her back....she is fabulous. And her little thing stays soft LIKE IT SHOULD! The photograph is my new friend lily from FetLife...isn't she absolutely DELICIOUS! yummy..... :) - you may nub and goo but NO is not very girly to stroke now is it?

i love you sissy

ps. i am working on a hypno video using Goddess Gracie (with her permission of course) so stay tuned...


  1. può esser interessante come dici soprattutto per una questione anche mentale provare a seguire questa dieta soprattutto se ti fà sentir l'animo più femminile grazie tesoro baci baci baci

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