Thursday, January 14, 2016

No. 190 **sissy Hypno - yummy cummy sissy**

Hi sissies!
SO i'm conflicted.... it appears my web has spread a little wider than i originally hoped and i am getting requests from all kinds of people...gurls, girls, Tops, bottoms, you name it. Here is my position on this:

the more you write me, the more i love you! so don't forget to 'friend' me somewhere....

i adore seeing my inbox full of fun stuff. And i answer everything from here, FetLife, xhamster, PornHub, sissysocial, gmail, you name it....... don't be afraid, i can probably help you in some way and i am FREE!!! i digress.......

Here is a fun little hypno. i love the voice and it is a good duration. Not really 'hypnotic' in a traditional sense but a good reinforcement of what you already feel. Let's have you do this -- let's do panties (of course!), a bra and pantyhose. Tuck that little thingy all tight into the crack of your pussy then let's watch this vid on full screen with headphones on. i want you to nub while you watch but you must NOT goo today. then leave on the clothes and have a terrific girly day!

Isn't it just the best feeling knowing you are a girl who gets to wear panties and bras and makeup? you get to use a vibrator in your pussy and on your clit, you can eat up all the delicious goo you can find AND you will be this way forever! i get so fucking tingly thinking about our girlyness... :)

i love you sissy

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  1. forse il nome in codice non ti piacerà preferisci che io usi il mio vero nome...non è facile per chi ha una doppia vita come me...per ora non riesco a "liberarmi" . ti seguo con passione e attenzione grazie per i tuoi blog baci baci baci!!