Sunday, January 10, 2016

No. 188 ***sissy Training - Go Gay in Two Weeks***

Hi sissies!
A lot of you have asked me on different forums how you can be more gay. i think this is a wonderful endeavor and encourage you all to consider your gayness and how you fit into the world of gay activity. sure to visit and friend me on Fet Life - if any of you ever hope to actually meet me, that's the place to do it. you can click here

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Also, please do 'friend me there and feel free to communicate with me. i love questions and comments that help you (and me) be more girly!

Another thing, i am finding it so deliciously girly to go deeper right now...maybe it's the PM i'm taking but i absolutely LUV my girlyness at this stage. I CAN"T TAKE IT!!!!!

OK, so being a sissy means you you really have no choice but to service men. Even if you are lucky enough to find a Mistress - eventually she will get bored and find a real man then get more bored and find it amusing for you to suck him and let him fuck you. Sorry sweetheart, this is reality and it is awesome .... be yourself, be your girl, embrace it. SO because of this, i decided to help you by giving you a 'guide' to going gay. No of course you will not be 100% gay the moment you follow it BUT you will perform a gay sexual act on Day 14 which really is the first step down the Rabbit Hole. Once you actually put a man in your mouth,, know.

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14 Days to Gay - A sissy Guide 


  1. quanto mi piacerebbe fare un corso per divenire una perfetta troietta!!! kiss kiss kiss!!!

  2. E vorrei che tu diventi il slut perfet sei. Ti amo!