Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No. 185 - sissy Hypno "Ultimate Sissy Princess Maker"

Hi sissies!
OK, so you KNOW i am a big fan, user and proponent of hypnotic files. Well i recently was asked for a copy of one of my FAVES - Ultimate Sissy Princess Maker by Brephos. So i had no way to email it because it's too large for gmail, the filehosting sites are truly a pain in the butt AND it is no longer on WarpMyMind...!

So i thought to myself  "...self, why not just make a vid of the file...?"

And i did.

So here is what you should do -- go to the link and download the file to your drive. i use speedbit video downloader. Then once you have it as an MP4 just convert it to an MP3 and voila!

Now you faggy little sissies, i want you to convert Permanent Princess and listen to it every night this week. you should fall asleep being reinforced to be the best little sissy you can be.

i love you sissy

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