Tuesday, January 12, 2016

N0. 189 **Wanking Material - Good and Proper sissy**

Hi sissies!
you hear me say the term 'good and proper' a lot. It means a lot of things to do with your sissyness - most of which are behavioral. Well....some of that is how you act when your man comes to visit. you see, a good and proper sissy will do what's necessary for her man to get his relief. she will be the girl who cares ONLY about his needs.

In this video, you will see an exemplary example of a 'Good and Proper' sissy. Examine her demeanor, her movements, her happiness and her femininity. She REALLY gets what being a sissy is all about and this is what i mean when i say being a faggy little sissy is the most exciting thing you can do in your life. i tingle at the thought of being this girl (of course, i have done exactly this but i am not nearly as attractive as this young lady).

Please do watch this vid several times and imagine yourself as the girl here. After the 4th time watching it, you may goo by nubbing - don't waste the goo! Leave it in your panties for the day for a prolonged sissy experience. i also want you to goo in the sissy position in the photograph below. nubbing on all fours is so very feminine, don't you think? i do.....

i love you sissy!



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  1. your video and your pics are fantastic, wonderful !!! kiss kiss kiss