Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No. 192 **sissy training - sissy MUST wear a bra**

Hi sissies!
OK....so this is more of an experiment than anything but i wanted to try to make a consumable product rather than a simple test video to see if the idea is fit for use. Anyway....here is a short i made to test a text to speech program. the video itself is just a re-purposed preset from the old days (i'm very old, remember?) but i voiced it to see if the audio can be used for something longer and more durable than what i've used previously.

don't know if you like it and i don't care if you like it...what i DO care about is honest feedback.

please BE HONEST!!

Anyway...it was fun to do so even if this turns out to be garbage, i am already working on real hypno (my taste of course) that will be much better.

i love you sissy! i do this all for you!



Monday, January 18, 2016

No. 191 **sissy Training - Girl Juice**

Hi sissies!
Well...now i realize this isn't for everyone - in fact it hasn't been for me on and off over the years. But i feel it is necessary for the advancement of some of my girls to understand the importance of girl juice. Now, Girl juice can mean many things and i use the term to mean more than one thing....but....in this case, it is meant to mean a hormonal cocktail if you will.

First, and do understand i am NOT a physician by any means, eliminate all fake sugar from your diet. By this, i mean sucralose, aspartame, etc. Not only will these chemicals fake your body into producing insulin unnecessarily, they will kill you. And none of us want to be dead. i recommend you use actual cane sugar whenever sugar is necessary. For beverages, drink cold water with a hint of lemon or lime or mint. Additionally, you will slim down naturally by doing so and nobody really likes a chubby sissy. Sorry, one of my character flaws.... i know, i will explain this position with St. Peter someday. So remember 'thin is in'. This goes for food as well..... Here is my FREE guaranteed fitness program:

Eat less exercise more

Easy peasy

Now onto the fun stuff....again, i realize some/most of you will not or cannot do this.....i do not agree with you but nevertheless, i accept your unwillingness to participate. i want you to purchase a container of pueraria mirifica and a container of saw palmetto capsules. i take 400 mg of PM before breakfast and again before bedtime. i also take a 450 mg saw palmetto pill at the same time. i use Ainterol   and you can get it by clicking  >> HERE <<

The physical effects are slightly more than minimal and the mental effects are delicious. i truly believe i am more calm and pleasant when on my regimen. And i feel so awesomely girly taking my program knowing i am going deeper and becoming as jamie as i can get everyday!!!!  The saw palmetto is a natural anti-androgen and the phyto-estrogens in the PM are terrific for my brain. Disclaimer....your brain may be different...i am NOT a physician (2nd time saying it). i also have a nice tingling in my breasts and my nipples are very sensitive. my little thing between my legs gets less erect less often too! Now - maybe this is a placebo effect on me but I DON'T CARE.... in my head it's doing the trick and perception is 90% of the law.

Now, for your viewing pleasure....one of my FAVE girls - Tayla Dieckman - treating her man like a good girl should...sucking figers, ATM, on her back....she is fabulous. And her little thing stays soft LIKE IT SHOULD! The photograph is my new friend lily from FetLife...isn't she absolutely DELICIOUS! yummy..... :) - you may nub and goo but NO STROKING...it is not very girly to stroke now is it?

i love you sissy

ps. i am working on a hypno video using Goddess Gracie (with her permission of course) so stay tuned...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

No. 190 **sissy Hypno - yummy cummy sissy**

Hi sissies!
SO i'm conflicted.... it appears my web has spread a little wider than i originally hoped and i am getting requests from all kinds of people...gurls, girls, Tops, bottoms, you name it. Here is my position on this:

the more you write me, the more i love you! so don't forget to 'friend' me somewhere....

i adore seeing my inbox full of fun stuff. And i answer everything from here, FetLife, xhamster, PornHub, sissysocial, gmail, you name it....... don't be afraid, i can probably help you in some way and i am FREE!!! i digress.......

Here is a fun little hypno. i love the voice and it is a good duration. Not really 'hypnotic' in a traditional sense but a good reinforcement of what you already feel. Let's have you do this -- let's do panties (of course!), a bra and pantyhose. Tuck that little thingy all tight into the crack of your pussy then let's watch this vid on full screen with headphones on. i want you to nub while you watch but you must NOT goo today. then leave on the clothes and have a terrific girly day!

Isn't it just the best feeling knowing you are a girl who gets to wear panties and bras and makeup? you get to use a vibrator in your pussy and on your clit, you can eat up all the delicious goo you can find AND you will be this way forever! i get so fucking tingly thinking about our girlyness... :)

i love you sissy

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

N0. 189 **Wanking Material - Good and Proper sissy**

Hi sissies!
you hear me say the term 'good and proper' a lot. It means a lot of things to do with your sissyness - most of which are behavioral. Well....some of that is how you act when your man comes to visit. you see, a good and proper sissy will do what's necessary for her man to get his relief. she will be the girl who cares ONLY about his needs.

In this video, you will see an exemplary example of a 'Good and Proper' sissy. Examine her demeanor, her movements, her happiness and her femininity. She REALLY gets what being a sissy is all about and this is what i mean when i say being a faggy little sissy is the most exciting thing you can do in your life. i tingle at the thought of being this girl (of course, i have done exactly this but i am not nearly as attractive as this young lady).

Please do watch this vid several times and imagine yourself as the girl here. After the 4th time watching it, you may goo by nubbing - don't waste the goo! Leave it in your panties for the day for a prolonged sissy experience. i also want you to goo in the sissy position in the photograph below. nubbing on all fours is so very feminine, don't you think? i do.....

i love you sissy!



Sunday, January 10, 2016

No. 188 ***sissy Training - Go Gay in Two Weeks***

Hi sissies!
A lot of you have asked me on different forums how you can be more gay. i think this is a wonderful endeavor and encourage you all to consider your gayness and how you fit into the world of gay activity.

First....be sure to visit and friend me on Fet Life - if any of you ever hope to actually meet me, that's the place to do it. you can click here

>>> Jamie's FetLife Profile <<<
Also, please do 'friend me there and feel free to communicate with me. i love questions and comments that help you (and me) be more girly!

Another thing, i am finding it so deliciously girly to go deeper right now...maybe it's the PM i'm taking but i absolutely LUV my girlyness at this stage. I CAN"T TAKE IT!!!!!

OK, so being a sissy means you you really have no choice but to service men. Even if you are lucky enough to find a Mistress - eventually she will get bored and find a real man then get more bored and find it amusing for you to suck him and let him fuck you. Sorry sweetheart, this is reality and it is awesome .... be yourself, be your girl, embrace it. SO because of this, i decided to help you by giving you a 'guide' to going gay. No of course you will not be 100% gay the moment you follow it BUT you will perform a gay sexual act on Day 14 which really is the first step down the Rabbit Hole. Once you actually put a man in your mouth,, well....you know.

Click Below

14 Days to Gay - A sissy Guide 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

No. 187 **sissy Assignment - Anal Workout**

Hi sissies! Today, we have a fun little assignment to do - fun and effective - while further progressing to your life as a faggy little sissy girl. you need this, we both know it, so don't cheat the girl inside - nourish her.

Today i want you to get as dolled up as you can, take your time and be care to pay particular attention to details like eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip liner. you want to look GOOD for this. Put on ear rings and baubles around your neck and wrists - be extra jingly and sexy with your adornments. Pop on your best wig, a frilly sexy bra and forms and your corset. i also want you in a garter and hose, your best set. Do you get the point yet sissy? i want you to look THE BEST YOU CAN. Primped to the nines!

OK, so now you look as humanly possible right? Really, doesn't your inner girl deserve this every day? i think she does.....

Now for the assignment..... get your lube and spread out. i want your knees up and back while you lay on your back like a good and proper girl about to be fucked. Put this video on full screen with audio at appropriate leves. I deally, you will use a laptop and connect to a big screen TV with an HDMI cable to get the best effect.

i want you to finger your pussy for the entire duration of this video. Alternate from one to two to three fingers. Really probe your pussy and most importantly, WATCH and LISTEN the entire time you are doing this. you need to be a girl, you are a girl so practice as a girl.

It is just so tingly and sexy to imagine yourself as a hot girl fingering her pussy - i can't even stand it! Imagine being one of the girls in the video...i am going to burst with excitement! No gooing today, just fingering while dressed fully as a hot sexy bimbo.

i love you sissy



Friday, January 8, 2016

No. 186 **sissy Hypno - Permanent Princess**

Hi sissies!
In my not so humble opinion, this is the most effective audio file ever created. Absolutely FABULOUS!

You should listen to this file every night (at least) and i also like to play it while i drive - it is especially trance-like when doing a mundane gridlocked commute. i just can't say enough about it...

i will follow up over the weekend with some fun training exercises to help you continue down your girly path.
i love you sissy

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No. 185 - sissy Hypno "Ultimate Sissy Princess Maker"

Hi sissies!
OK, so you KNOW i am a big fan, user and proponent of hypnotic files. Well i recently was asked for a copy of one of my FAVES - Ultimate Sissy Princess Maker by Brephos. So i had no way to email it because it's too large for gmail, the filehosting sites are truly a pain in the butt AND it is no longer on WarpMyMind...!

So i thought to myself  "...self, why not just make a vid of the file...?"

And i did.

So here is what you should do -- go to the link and download the file to your drive. i use speedbit video downloader. Then once you have it as an MP4 just convert it to an MP3 and voila!

Now you faggy little sissies, i want you to convert Permanent Princess and listen to it every night this week. you should fall asleep being reinforced to be the best little sissy you can be.

i love you sissy