Friday, May 1, 2015

No. 184 ***Wanking Material - Vintage Crossdresser***

Hi sissies!
This is one of my FAVE vintage videos....i don't even know if it's actually old or maybe it just 'looks' old but i luv it! For me, as you all know i am am on-my-back sissy, the best scene comes in at 1:12....i just LOVE to grab two hands of muscular ass between my legs and to be kissed so submissively (you also know i love kissing). And it's awesome that this is a crossdresser with zero plastic surgery....just like you!!!

This is THE MOST GIRLY POSITION inho... just sayin' gurlfriends! Anyway, i am feeling generous so you all my nub all day long if you wish. Make sure to keep it in your panties or eat wasting precious goo!

i love you sissy!



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  1. Hello :)
    I really enjoy your posts :)
    I wrote you a e-mail maybe a month ago :)
    I was wondering if this yahoo mail adress is the correct one ?:P