Thursday, April 30, 2015

No. 183 ***sissy Training - faggy sissy mindfuck***

Hi sissies!
OK...i know i am a bad person for neglecting this site again --BUT-- some of you know i have been quite busy with personal one-to-one training. That has taken sooooo much time i have not had much left to dedicate to my sissies. SO, with all sincerity, i am sorry..... i may not be here much but i love you and miss you all!

If you are interested in one-to-one training, email me and we can discuss a program. In fact, i will make a separate post for that si just hold off for now - if you can!

Anyway, here is a new creation that took me MONTHS to prepare (but only because i let it sit  for weeks on end) and i don't even like it but you might. It's similar in style to what i've been taste.... and kind of mindplaying you..... Let me know what you think

Look for another post relative to personal training in the next day or two.

i love you sissy!




  1. Time will tell. But I for one can't help but crave hypnos, nor can I get enuf of them either

    1. it's fun being a sissy isn't it? i love it!!!

  2. All I know is how much I crave n think about cock n looking hot n srxy for cock

  3. Hi Jamie, I'm curious about the training, what would it involve ? Would it all be hypo based - I'm not that good at it .

    Bethany x

  4. I know I am a sissy but I feel
    I am a real women

  5. i wanna learn to be a good sissy