Friday, October 31, 2014

No. 182 ***sissy Hypno - you Will Be a sissy faggot***

Hi sissies!

Are you having a pinkish sort of Halloween? i refrain for the obvious Halloween chit-chat but that doesn't mean i don't participate. Make sure you are doing something girly tonight, even if it's wearing a bra and panties under your drab clothes passing out candy to the little goblins!

Now, onto work..... today, i have a new vid i made sparked from an idea i got at the sissy hypno can find it here ----
 ""sissy-hypno-reddit""  The page is run by one of my FAVE sissies named Jasmine who also has a BANGIN' tumblr page at ----
 '''jasmine - tumblr'''  Make sure you visit each at least once per day - this is MANDATORY! ..... Anyway, i got the idea to use this song from another sissy and i decided to incorporate a set of pix into it that have been tickling my fancy.....the idea of knowing i will do what i'm told, i will be a slut, i will be a sissy...i love it.....Afterall, it is not a choice, it is just the way it is!

so, tuck (of course you know this by now!) and primp and get comfortable. you can nub while you watch but no gooing.

Be safe tonight
i LOVE you sissy!



  1. Mmm how erotic n oh so powerfully sensuous. Needing RT not fantasy