Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No. 177 ***sissy Assignment - Find a Friend***

Hi sissies!

I know, i am a bad sissy. i have neglected you all for so long and i genuinely feel horrible. But to be fair....i am just a sissy like you and go in and out of sissy phases in life. i just kind of 'fell out' of the lifestyle over the summer...too busy....tired....old....ugly....you get my point? Of course you do! We are all alike

Anyway...as a treat....for those of you who still like to play along....i have here a great little assignment! i call it 'Find a Friend' - and it is so simple. All you need to do is find a friend who will know you as you - your sissy self. This person is most easily found on site like www.fetlife.com or Alt.com or other alternative meeting sites. i recommend, you look for another sissy who is at the same stage you are at and try to develop a friendship with a similar interest - the love of girlyness.

Now, it is not necessary to become intimate with your new friend but you might. So as a 'primer' for that, i've included a video of two cute little faggy girly boys enjoying themselves. i LOVE the way they make love on their backs with their legs open...mmmmm, my fave position!

you may nub as many times as you like and eat all the goo you can make!

i love you sissy




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