Friday, May 30, 2014

No. 175 ***sissy Training - Further Mind Control***

Hi sissies!

OK, bear with me for a moment.....
By now, you all know i am way into mind control as a method of hypnosis and sissification. It is just delicious to wake from a trance feeling like you've just been fucked like a horny cheerleader on Prom Night...ahem, i digress...anyway, i have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of one of the most generous girls in the sissy world - Seattle Jasmine. i LOVE her!

So on her Reddit page HERE you can find all sorts of fun stuff but i also found her directory of sissy hypno files. She has graciously granted my request to post's a big page with a LOT of files...they may not be around forever so download what you like and don't forget to share....

To access them, click HERE
And don't forget to visit her tumblr page by clicking HERE

you will totally love her as much as i do....MAKE SURE you tell her THANKS!......
so for tonight, find a file you like and listen and be girly and immerse yourself into your deserve it! 

i love you sissy!



  1. Hi Jamie, I too am addicted to sissy hypnos, but the link to Seattle Jasmine's files does not seem to be working. My addiction is great and I don't think I can live with out them...


  2. My name is Vince Stead and I just got done looking at your site and really liked it. We make dominant wife’s books in Paperback, Digital and Audio too. You can see them at and the audio books are very fun to listen to. Thank you very much and I really enjoyed visiting your site!

  3. I wish someone would turn me into a sissy