Monday, May 19, 2014

No. 174 ***sissy Training - Mind Control***

Hi sissies!
Well by now most of you know i am very much into mind control and the effects of hypno on thoughts and actions. i feel, to be a good and proper sissy, you must strive for constant sissy improvement.....never settle for being average - the world is FULL of average - be the BEST!

But before i cintinue...i must share with you a tumblr with which i have fallen in LUV! Every single caption is absolutely DELICIOUS and i highly rec you follow Seattle Jasmine by clicking  HERE  

you will not be of my faves is below....

One of the simplest and effective ways to train your own mind is through affirmation. So for today, i have a fun little assignment for you....and an easy one too! i want you to write an affirmation and commit it to should be no longer than 5 lines....and it will be your 'reminder' of who and what you is an example but you should make your own.....

i am a sissy faggot
i was born to pleasure men
i am and will always be a girl

easy-peasy! Now in order to be effective, you must say this to yourself, outloud, many many times. Say it in the mirror made up, while you're nubbing or anal training, say it as you fall asleep, over and over and over....

i love you sissy!




  1. I guess I jumped ahead.....I been saying It for weeks