Friday, May 16, 2014

No. 173 ***sissy Training - Kissing your Man***

Hi sissies!
i cannont overemphasize the importance of kissing. It is an integral part of being a submissive sissy. It shows an appreciation, an acceptance, a thanks to your Man for taking care of you. Most of you do not have men to treat you like the girl you are -BUT- that doesn't mean you cant practice.....

So for today, after you watch this terrific video of Steff being a happy and appreciative sissy, i want you to thoroughly exercise you pussy with a medium sized dildo. Use a lot of lube and work it in and out, rhythmically, for a duration of at least ten minutes. Make it count, make it a good anal training, loosen up your pussy so a man will comfortably use you for pleasure........AND.......while you are doing this, i want you to suck on your fingers and thumb and fist. Kiss your hand, suck on it like a small penis, LOVE your hand. Pretend your thumb is your Man's tongue.

When done, you may NOT goo. Sometime, a girl just doesn't get the chance to is one of those days for you.

i love you sissy



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