Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No. 169 ***sissy Assignment - Hands Free sissygasm***

Hi sissies!
i have been so busy traveling i am truly sorry to be away from you for so long. i KNOW in my absence you've been good little sissies and practiced your general girlyness everyday, right? Of course you have!

Being girly isn't a part time's your life. Make sure you spend some time each and every day primping and thinking girly thoughts - it is necessary and good for you to be a sissy afterall. It's not a choice, it's who you are, silly.

Now, one of the MOST important things a sissy will learn is to goo WITOUT touching that silly thing between your legs. It is a difficult task and we've covered it numerous times.....and we will again today. i want you all to try to goo just like the sissy in this video. you must give it at least 15 minutes before you give up. And since quitters never win, if you decide to give up - funtime is over and you can pull up your panties and go about your day - NO GOOING! If you make it to a climax, make sure to rub it all over and into your pussy then finger yourself for some time while you calm down. i have cum this way recently, it is exhilarating.

i love you sissy!




original video was deleted by xhamster but this one is just as delicious....enjoy!


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  2. Very nice i want to be a sissy s bad i hope this teaches me well

  3. I've been trying that for an hour and nothing is happening

  4. is as much mental as physical. it will happen, give it time.

  5. Delicia,que cu gostoso linda,quero enfiar tudo isso,até o saco,que tesão,beijos....