Monday, March 17, 2014

No. 168 ***wanking Material - Mickelly Pasqualotto***

Hi sissies!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!
Now, some of you  are aware i do not drink alcohol but that doesn't mean you can't..... Just be careful, don't get behind the wheel of an automobile and make sure you remain in safe situations. It's a scary world out there for a sissy on the prowl and people will hurt you because of what you are.

Anyway.....a good idea for today is to stay inside, dress up to the hilt with a special friend, have a few drinks and play like a girl. For this, here is a nice video of a beautiful girl that i have loved watching from the firsdt time i saw her. So sexy and feminine.....

Remember, girls do NOT stroke. you may rub your clit and goo like a proper girl. Of course, you know what to do with it.... :)

i love you sissy



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  1. She is so pretty - again and again I rub my clitty and try to obey to Jamie