Sunday, March 16, 2014

No. 167 ***sissy Training - sissy Cocksucker***

Hi sissies!
This isn't so much a training video or a true hypno's just a fun one to a great song. i fear i am not getting any better at making these but it sure is fun!

Watch it 3 times then nub while tucked and leave it in your panties for at least 12 hours. we are looking for that dried out crusty feeling in your panties to remind you that your purpose is to be a sissy faggot cocksucker. But the world needs sissy faggots, doesn't it?

i love you sissy




  1. Hehe! what a video. I must confess to being a bit of a rock chic at heart =) so hearing this song after so long was a super surprise. I like the newer techno sissy pop vids but it was nice to hear this. xXx

  2. ohh yes, video is amazing but this song is wonderful. what song is and who´s are singers?? thanks. go on!!

  3. they really dont make me jealous the size of the cock i mean my little clitty is 2inches soft and 2 and a half hard my balls are about the size of marbles my cum is not thick and ropy i like this as it does not create bulge when i wear dresses it does not get in way when i have sex i also have to si down to pee

  4. are you available for maid duty?