Friday, March 14, 2014

No. 165 ***sissy Training - nubbing***

Hi sissies!
Some of you have asked about the practice of nubbing and i've answered each (well most anyway) as well as i can. BUT, i know some of you devious little sissy fags are still stroking that silly little thing between your legs!

So, just by accident, i found this vid from a new xhamster friend. It is short but i want you to watch it and UNDERSTAND that a true and proper sissy MUST have her orgasms this way. It is best performed tucked with your little sissy clittie in your panties but this is still a great job! Notice how soft she is at the time of orgasm? It is sissy perfection to goo this way.....

So for today, you may all nub as many times as you want. Of course you must either eat the goo or leave it in your panties - can't waste it now can we?

The pic is another xhamster friend named sammie...isn't she delicious? i luv looking at her!

Later i will post my newest video. It's a low tech vid but a great sissy song from my confused days in the 80's (yes i am that old!)

i love you sissy!



1 comment:

  1. I cum this way too. I'm usually standing up and impaling myself on my dildo which is stuck on the full length mirror in the bathroom. I started cumming limp after watching the various sissy hypnosis files that stressed being limp. I got more and more turned on watching sissies having sex with limp clits. I thought it was so feminine. I wanted more and more to be like them. Then it started happening to me. I think the orgasms are more satisfying too, especially cumming with a cock or dildo in your sissy pussy.