Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No. 164 ***sissy Training - Work it Bitch***

Hi sissies!
As promised....here is my latest. The quality gets really diminished on xvideos and xhamster keeps dropping it for watermarks so this is all i have. i am exploring a file hosting solution but thime is an issue for me right now.

Anyway....watch the vid, make a comment/suggestion, be girly and have fun. Remember the MOST important thing you will EVER take away from here is - be yourself and live your life. you get no do-overs.

i love you sissy




  1. Love the videos, thank you for doing all of the hard work of putting them together. Your hard work has helped me come to the decision to go full force with becoming my new self. I have decided to start living my life as a sissy. Wish me luck.... muah

  2. Just wow, Britney + Victoria's Secret models = sissy heaven! More please! I luv her in the new perfume video as well! especially with the scene of her leaning on her beau's rock hard abs. She's so perfect. And the VS clips are sooo girly, just luv em!

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