Monday, February 17, 2014

No. 159 ***The sissy School - Finally***

Hi sissies!

Finally, and there are still quite a few wrinkles to work out, i have put together a program to offer more intense training for a worthy few. i may not (probably won't) accept everybody but you never know.

The reason for the new site is to give some sissies an avenue to really transform. Not that this isn't serious because it is....but there is a need to have more direct instruction and rigorous assignments and verification of completion for some. Click here ---> jamie's sissy school

Anyway, this page will continue as a fun girly way to playfully primp and be a faggy little sissy so don't worry.

Here is a new vid i made just for it and wank away through Monday night.

i love you sissy



1 comment:

  1. what about real men like me who loves to see sissies doing humiliating sissy task for us??