Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No. 155 *sissy Assignment - Exercise***

Hi sissies!
What fun it is to be a sissy. Of course it's hard work and the daily rituals can be painful but the reward is you get to be a girl! Isn't a little pain WORTH the feeling of panties and makeup and bras and penetration?

So for today, your assignment is simple. i want you to do 30 minutes of girly exercise to work on your butt. Nothing looks better in a dress than a shapely bubble butt.....and this is something you must ALWAYS work on. Below is a good video to do this but the internet is FULL of good exercise video. i have the Brazilian Butt Lift Series....i luv it! And as if i have to say it...you will be in girly clothes working out of course.

Also, i hope you all remember, this blog isn't meant to be a daily thing. my job, as i see it, is to give you gentle reminders that you are a little sissy faggot and you need to constantly improve upon your girlyness. If i don't post for a while - it is still YOUR JOB to do something girly everyday.

After you are done working your butt, you may edge to my favorite of the Solomon Trainers. No gooing....only edge and nubbing.

i love you sissy!




  1. Really enjoyed your blog post.I was wondering what it would take to become your sissy maid/slut..
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