Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No. 151 ***Evaluation Assignment***

Hi sissies!
It's hard to know if you're making a difference because there are so few comments. For me, in my head, i believe if just a single sissy is helped this blog is worth it. i really struggled with my sissyness when i was younger. i wish i had a forum to embrace it....

So, to augment this blog, i've decided to make my own videos to help you faggy little sissies. i have two finished - they take a LOOOOOONNNNG time to make!

This is the first, please leave an HONEST evaluation as a comment so i can improve as i grow as a sissy producer/creator. i've also uploaded it to xhamster so you can see it without the 'xvideos' watermark. when that is available, i will make the change.

As a side note, i am considerig storing these somewhere easy to access if any of you have suggestions, i'd appreciate it. They are about 100mb each

i love you sissy




  1. OK, i will go first!!!
    please do not stop making these or your blog.
    my only critical comment is that the photos appear to be slightly off the beat.
    i also think that some of the captions could do to "flash" more central.

    otherwise good work

  2. Thanks!
    As i've moved forward i realize how important the music is. Subsequent videos will have a better fit and finish. Caps are better now too but still not goo enough.... these darn things take a long time to make but it's a lot of fun. i hope to improve a little each time and i appreciate your input.

  3. Well done! i do agree somewhat with susan about going to the beat but wasnt bad. maybe its just me but for some of the flash texts to the sides, hold it for like .5 to 1sec longer i think or else great job!

  4. Jamie, Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your guidance on my journey into the world where I belong. I am full time as a gurl and always on the look out for guys who know how to use me. I am older than most of the gurls here and I try not to look back on my life with regret, but I am now home with myself and what I was designed for. YOU ARE AWESOME.