Friday, January 10, 2014

No. 147 ***sissy Training - Being the Girl***

Hi sissies!
Some of you have asked what it's like to be fucked like a girl. This is normal because many of you are dreamer-closet-sissies. i expect this, it's what i'm here for - to get you to emerge from the closet as a beautiful sissy Princess.

SO today, i have a treat for you. When you are nubbing into your panties, on your back with a dildo in your pussy and nipples being pinched, i want you to watch this vid and imagine being the girl. THIS is how a sissy should be fucked. Totally engrossed in her assignment of being here for the pleasure of the man. i mean really, isn't it what we dream of? To be used as a pleasure toy for an Alpha Male? i do....

This is a vintage clip but true faggy sissyness never goes out of style...

i love you sissy



i am meeting the cock in this picture next week....


  1. i really love to read this blog!

    hey my friend
    add my blog ass your favotire as well?


  2. I hope that you will regale all of your sissies with stories of what happened when Jamie met the cock in the picture. Surely we can all learn from your example!

  3. That was a great video. I would love to be fucked like that.

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