Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No. 146 ***sissy Assignment - Limp Gooing***

Hi sissies!
Hope you are staying warm during this bout super cold weather. Hopefully, OPEC will stop manipulation world oil prices so Americans can afford to start driving their Suburbans again so Global Warming can get back on course...sorry about that....

Anyway, i have been really into nipple play lately. i've found my nipples have gotten super sensitive after doing this one single exercise. So that means your little sissy nipples are about to become super sensitive! you will LOVE it....even in male clothing, you can feel your shirt brush against's a terrific feeling. Let's get started:
you need to go out and find a clothspin. if you can't find one, a 'bag clip' will work (the kind that keeps chips fresh and sometimes has a magnet for the fridge door). Now it's going to hurt...but you are a sissy. sissies sometimes have to endure necessary pain for their development. Think of the pain as an investment in future sexual pleasure......Apply the pin to a nipple slowly. Release the pressure over 10-15 seconds to ease into it. Then let it stay on there for about 1 minute, no longer. Repeat on the second nipple. Voila! Your nipples will sore at first but after time, they will feel great.

Now for the fun!
Real sissies know they have no genuine use for their clits. Really, they only get in the way of men while they're fucking your pussy. i think there is hardly anything as unsightly as a sissy with an eret clit...EWWW! So today, for fun and training, you are going to goo with a soft clit. Easy as that! As long as you're soft, you may goo. Only you will know if you are CHEATING yourself and gooing while erect. Don't cheat your development, have discipline and edge, then rub, then edge, then will happen if you are patient. Of course, you may eat it or leave it in your panties - do not waste goo, ever!

i also want you tohave something in your pussy and you to be playing with your newly sensitive nipples while gooin. Remeber, cumming while full of cock is a sissy dream come true! Girly thought and girly touching (nipples and pussy) while cumming is the path to being a Real sissy.

i love you sissy



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