Friday, January 3, 2014

No. 145 ***sissy Assignment - Girly Training***

Hi sissies!
Did you make your resolution? i hope it's both attainable and far reaching. Here's why...

you're not a man. you may look like one, have a 'man's job', might be married, maybe have a long clit.....but you're not a man. you are a sissy. you know it and i know it. No amount of suppression will stop what's happening inside your mind. you need to let your girl out - it's good and necessary to do so.

Now, just for fun, today you will be gooing. i want you to get primped and tucked. On your back like a good girl. Let's lube up a dildo with saliva - talk to the dildo, tell it how big it is and how bad you want it to fuck you - now insert it in your pussy and start to fuck yourself. Using saliva only will require constant sucking - we call this PTM (since it is your Pussy) - and i expect you to fuck your self for the duration of this video. Once the vid ends, leav the dildo in and you may play with your nipples and nub.

Yummmm cumming while full of cock and your nipples being teased/pinched/twisted...Girly Heaven!

Don't forget to grind down on the cock in your pussy! Men love this and it's good practice. When you goo, i want you to use the dildo to work it into your pussy and leave it there. A nice girly gooey mess in your pussy for the whole day!


i love you sissy



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