Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No. 144 ***Happy New Year!***

Hi sissies!
i have been so busy setting up new friends on alt.com and fetlife.com - sorry to ignore you. Don't forget, i now have a tumblr page too! It's Sometimes jamie - just a little more sissy fun!

Ok, now this is an important Holiday for us girls. It's time to STRETCH and grow and reach for new goals. Here's what i want you to do, and what i am doing, sometime over the next 72 hours....

Make a new goal for yourself. But make it a 'next step' - this is a difficult concept because i want you to REACH...matbe your next step is to make a sissy friend, maybe to shop for yourself, maybe go out dressed, maybe even suck a cock...whatever it is, make it attainable and do your sissy best to DO IT.

To get you on the right track...my goal is to make at least two new local play friends -AND- to have at least one three-way play date. i want to be taken at both ends this year and i am going to make it happen.

i love you sissy!
Happy New Year




  1. Mmmm! such beautiful panties! xx Melody

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