Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No. 142 ***sissy Assignment - Public Humiliation***

Hi sissies!
New England winters are no fun....hit hard with snow again Monday and Tuesday...YUCK
But with the sun shining today, i have a great deal of fun planned! And i want you to join me in it. Here's what i plan to do today and you should too:

First, i am going to mix up a batch of fake cum. i'd use real cum stored in the freezer if i had any but i have been chaste for days (like you, right?) Then i will put a good amount into my pussy to ensure it will leak throughout the day. Tucked into panties and a pair of girly jeans on and i'm off. i know many people will notice the cut of my legwear and it will be humiliating walking through the shopping mall with them on....but that's what a sissy must do - the job of a sissy is to be sissy and that means doing humiliating things that may be uncomfortable!

Now, while you are out, take notice of all the wonderful girly things around you, the clothes, the makeup, the smells and sounds, the looks. Absorb it. you are a sissy and it's good and OK. Feel the cum leaking? you should like that wet feeling there by now...i do.

Fake cum recipes are available at Sissy Social - i want you all to join and 'friend' me. Do it.

i have also started a tumblr page, please do visit and follow Sometime jamie

i love you sissy




  1. Hi, I'm Teena and I just found your blog. I did make an account there. But there are so many Jamies, I didn't know which to add. Which one are you?

  2. Hi sweetie.
    I am jamie_anne (with underscore not hyphen) just about everywhere. I'll try to find you too.

  3. I'd like to find you too Teena. I am loving your blog and Sissy Social both have really pushed me to new heights of Sissydom!

  4. I'm just teena on there. You can find me easy. Same avatar.

    But I can't find the fake cum recipes. *giggle*

  5. ay Sissy Social go to Sissy Magazine then sissy advice then 'load more' at the bottom, this brings up additional articles. That's where you'll find it.
    Have fun!

  6. Hi Jamie delaney I just joined sissy I'm under stacirenea please look me up. I so relate to winter blah!:((

    So live in n. e. Ohio n just turned down a job up in New England states. But can always change my mind. Anymore thinking I'd love to just do escorting. Giggles/

    I'm also on under stacirenea

  7. I loved the flash animation video, great job. I only own girls jeans now,no doubt they get noticed esp by other girls and tucked tight enuff to have no bulge, I guess the hypnos are working cause I am a proudly feminized girl. Thanks Jamie!

  8. I so love the snippet as well Jamie delaney, as well as so love the thought of finding that recipe. For fake cum. How amazing a thought. But getting aroused at the thought of it right? Giggles. Marcia Leanne I so relate to the hypno thingy. I have such a hard time at times just holding onto thought in a conversation. But I to so love tight fitting jeans as well as so relate to small clit thingy or no bulge, thank god. As well as mtf on HRT well,

    1. Stacy, thanx for the reply. I responded but it went to a previous post. I dont have any girlfriends out here and it felt great to connect with a sister in femininity. Luv ya Jamie!