Friday, December 13, 2013

No. 141 ***sissy Training- Waxing***

Hi sissies!
i have such wonderful news! The possibility exists that a Real Master may begin training me. It is so exciting my panties are wet just thinking about it. i have a few tasks to perform to measure if i'm worthy enough and the first is a head to toe waxing. Now, some of you are aware i am not entirely smooth on every square i am incredibly afraid to do this - BUT i MUST.

i thought it fun for your trining to go hairless with me. i want it all off, no excuses. It's OK to be a girl, you are a girl. It's OK to be a sissy, you are a sissy. It's OK to do what you're told, sissies do what they're told.

i love you sissy



smooth is sexy.....


  1. You are correct, smooth is sexy. I've had an all over wax twice. I'd have it more often but it's very expensive. It's slightly painful waxing the sisy clitty region but the end result is sooooo worth it. Panties and leotards look so much better on a waxed body.

    I've never hidden the reason for having the waxing from the beautician. In bot cases I explained that I wore women's clothing and was going for a photoshoot where I would be my female self. The woman accepted it and it led to some interesting conversations like, what style clothing was I going to wear, why did I like that style etc. etc.


  2. Actually men get more brazilians than do women. I love the salon as well as often get my acrylics. Living full time as well as on HRT n even go to a gynecologist :))

  3. I stay smooth all over and love the sensation, it is a purely girl thing and it is a committment toward accepting ones feminine self. Enjoy!