Thursday, December 12, 2013

No. 140 ***Assignment - sissygasm***

Hi sissies!
i have to go off on a tangent for a minute to share an experience from this morning......
Early this morning, i had to go to the grocer for a couple of things. I decided it would be a great opportunity to lube up and enjoy the awesome feeling of being wet and aroused. Especially while driving, the sensation was terrific. If you haven't done this yet, you MUST. Trust me - it is very worth it. Anyway, when i got home it was freezing cold still and i felt like getting back in bed and playing with my pussy. Here is how it went:

i got on a sliky pair of string bikini panties. Lying on my back, they give me a great view of a flat (sort of) stomach and a cute little triangle hiding my tucked clittie. i put on a VS bra with no forms so my nipples could be pinched. A good sized plug went into my pussy and a dildo went into my mouth. i started working the plug by clenching and grinding against it and pinched/teased my nipples while sucking on the dildo. i also occasionally slapped my ass to give it a little burning...yummmm Then, very lightly, i used my pinky to rub the head of my clit in a circular motion. From my view, it looked like a girl rubbing her clit in a POV video - so fucking hot. Well, just what i had hoped happened....a sissygasm started groing in my loins. i could feel it getting stronger and stronger but i resisted the urge to touch my clit. i just continued to lightly rubit while i pinched and sucked and clenched and all of a sudden i was washed over by an incredible feeling. my clitty never got hard but it gooed. Adding to the excitement was the shame/humiliation of gooing while soft. Men don't cum this way - only little faggy sissies do. It was delicious and i expect you to do everything you can to achieve it yourself.

Wow! i am horny again!

you may ONLY nub by the method described above. The pics and vid are for your viewing pleasure while you evolve into the sissy fag you are. Stroking is over so get used to it.

i love you sissy



You ARE this girl...


  1. Jamie, I can't help but love you. Giggles, I so love that we are so much alike. I unfortunately very seldom get any goo, but just the thought of getting goo, is a bit arousing for me. You rub your head, I rub my nipple ever so lightly n just get explosive tingly sensations throughout my body n clit. Shivering n tingly sensations, as what I call edging sensations. HRT n hormones castrations for me. But I can't help but love it!.

    The downside for me is I very seldom get to goo. Like lucky every 6 weeks or more. But it keeps me learning, which I can't help but feel happy n so content in doing so.

  2. I had my first sissygasm 2 night hands free, an I exploded all over soaking myself from pure anal stimulation,

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