Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No. 139 ***sissy Assignment - 'Wet' down there***

Hi sissies!
Hope you all are enjoying your week being a subdued chastised sissy! Isn't it FUN going through the day KNOWING you may NOT touch that silly little clittie! i find it delicious and arousing - in a demure way of course.

Well, here is a cute little assignment i snipped from my FAVE new website Sissy Social The mod named Lauren is **AWESOME** and i highly recommend you check it out. Anyway - on to the hard work of being a sissy.....

i want you to lube your pussy very well. Not just the opening, it is important for you to get a good amount of lube into the cavity. Feel free to finger yourself while doing this, i did. Done yet.....? OK, now, pull up your panties, tuck your lil package and go about your day....

What? you ask what the assignment is? Poor little sissy doesn't get it yet....the assignment is to feel wet all day. To feel like a horny girl with a damp pussy, ready to be penetrated. To feel a wet spot in your panties in the area of your 'taint'....mmmmmmmm, i LOVE it!

you may nub and edge but NO GOOING....furthermore, the NEW way to nub is this....clittie pointed down and back so the head is facing the floor. Then you may rub the top of the head in a circular motion with a single finger - THAT'S IT. you may rub it just like it's a clit -  because it is!

i love you sissy




  1. I so love your blog as well as the Hypnos. Omgbhow I love cock n being my girly pimped out self would be so totally hot, aroused n such a total turn on.

  2. Hi Staci,
    contact me through other means. I'd like to chat...

  3. Get with me on n I'll either be on hangouts or email