Monday, December 9, 2013

No. 138 ***sissy Training - Back to Work***

Hi sissies!
Did you enjoy your wanking? i did for sure. my little clittie is sore from all the work!!!

Well, it's time to get back to work. First things first - so we are on the same page - i want you to download (if you haven't already) the file named Permanent Princess from WarpMyMind. No excuses, sign up download it and make it part of your daily routine. It is a terrific training file. you can listen as you fall asleep but ALSO all day long. i keep it running in my car all the time.

Next, i want you to get yourself all primped, tucked, plugged, painted and squeeezed into a nice tight outfit and watch this video 4 times. While watching, you must nub for a period of three minutes, then rest for three minutes, then nub for three minutes, then rest...get it? The vid is almost 6 minutes long so you should have ample time to nub and edge if possible.


After watching, you need to go to a mirror and affirm yourself 12 times. Stare into your eyes while you do this. you may say something like this:

"my name is jamie, i am a sissy and i like to suck cock."
"i am a faggot and i let men fuck me in the ass"
"i am a girl, i like boys, i suck cock, i eat cum"

Now, when you are finished with all of this, i have just one more assignment. i want you to think about your life 12 months from now - where will you be in your sissyness? Will you still be in this same place, in neutral going nowhere? i hope not. we are going to make some goals over the next few weeks. Goals to ADVANCE our sissy lives and towards our dreams.

There are no dress rehearsals in life. Every minute has 60 seconds then it's gone...

i love you sissy



Here is some incentive to look ahead


  1. Omg how amazing n so turned on I was by the exam pater video/ being mtf on hormones, so keeps me learning, more often like a sponge as I very rarely am able to find release, as I rub my nipples to get tingly sensations throughout my clit n I can't help but get so aroused when I hear the words sissy faggot. How crazy n so very arousing a thought.

    I was so proud of myself to go 8 days without a hypno n then I watched that 3 times. Giggles, right?

  2. I just found your blog yesterday and wow do i love it, i will start your training process right away.

  3. Oh my Gawd Jamie delaney, I so love this video. So arousing n so turned on. I'm transexual as well as on HRT n in transition n yet, sissy faggot is such a turn on to me. Clueless as to why, but it happened at work few months back one of the guys called me that after I took my sweatshirt off n he caught my bra strap n tops of my thongs:)) not my intentions. But he called me a sissy faggot n one would think that to be hurtful but I got so aroused by that. That I literally went home, found some relief, as I'm lucky to get off personally every 5-6 weeks. Anyway he made me so hot, I smeared it all over my face, licked it off as best I could n played with it before swallowing it n went right back to watching Hypnos, no purging, it's like I couldn't get enough.

    1. yummmm...feel free to contact me for chit chat if you're inclined.

  4. I'd so love to chat sometime, as well as can't get enough of this hypno. Mmm I so can't help but love it, as I do so love n crave cock n being my girliest

  5. Guilty pleasured as I just goo'd watching this arousing hypno n it was so incredible how much I'm so turned on by it. Giggles. So turned on at the thought of it all . I'd so love to chat sometime Jamie

  6. I can't believe how many times I've watched this. I so can't help but learn to love it, as well as its thought processes. Giggles. Though I'm mtf I'm also lover of all things feminine n cock. Yes I'm a cocksucking sissy faggot that loves n needs cock.

    I haven't been able to get my other Hypnos to play, so here I am saying along with the girl in the video. So many arousing thoughts put fourth in this video or hypno n yes, hugs to you.

    By the way, what is spotify as it has cum up on your blog/ I downloaded it but haven't opened it as of yet. What are your thoughts on it all??

  7. I love this Jamie, as well as I can't help but say along with it. It's like one of the few Hypnos I can get to play these days:(((

    But I need my Hypnos, as I'm an addick. Giggles

    Hope to start running up your way here shortly n hugs

  8. Omg Jamie delaney, it's hard to believe on the 11th of December I didn't watch a hypno for like 8 days. Giggles, because since I watched this one once, I must have watched it like 30 times. As well as Sissy Rules on dreamscape and stumbled upon a new one yesterday or day before maybe. Bendmeover Mmm vary nice.

    Hugs girl n hope to chat sometime on hangouts.

  9. Omg Jamie delaney, what happened to the Hypnos girl. I'm unable to see like any of them?

    Please respond please. ThankYou

  10. i can see them just fine. you must have an issue with your settings or browser. i am windows 7 with latest version of firefox (26?) without issue. Sorry.

  11. Permanent princess sounds dreamy n all. But I've never been able to get into the site warp my mind. As arousing a thought as it is. I'm an idiot

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