Monday, December 23, 2013

Hi sissies!!

i have no affiliation with 'spotify' or anything else advertised here.
my guess is it is part of the global confiscation of your liberty and privacy led by google and the NSA but it's just a guess....
I recommend you use Firefox and block popups and you will not be exposed to this obnoxiousness.
I love you sissy
ps. this is the real me.....take a chance, post a REAL pic of yourself!!


  1. Thanks for the explanation as well as I can't help but love your blog as well as you. For both being friends on as well as on here, as well.

    That spotify came up n I thought/ somehow I downloaded it as well as even opened it, but never registered with it/ then I delegated a shitload of stuff n haven't had a problem as of yet from it. But I also had to deleat my Facebook n twitter because of it as it was acting stupid like, as well.

    My pics are of me on stacirenea as well as have so much to do today n so in need of some motivation. Giggles. Love the 138, as I find myself saying it right along with them. I so love everything girly n yes I love cock. I'm thinking I just need better management, as someone once told me a few years back. Giggles

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