Saturday, December 7, 2013

No. 136 ***Reintroduction***

Hi sissies!
i know it's been sooooooo long but no worries! we all must go through our own lives working hard to get by. i have no apologies - but i can say i missed you all terribly!

i have been working hard to be a better sissy mostly through captions, mind control audio and diet/exercise.

It's been difficult and boring and rewarding all at once.

Anyway, enough about me. How are you???? Let's have you take a moment and get a handle on where you are in your sissy curve. Are there modifications to your training that are necessary? Are you working hard enough to achieve your goals? Are you afraid of the next step?

IT'S OK! i am here to help again.

Let's do this for our 'reintroduction'... a Wank Fest! For the next 36 hours, you may wank until your little clitty nearly falls off. Then we will get down to business first thing Monday. Here are a couple of vids to help you accomplish this. i love you sissy! xoxo jamie

i love this one


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