Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No. 144 ***Happy New Year!***

Hi sissies!
i have been so busy setting up new friends on alt.com and fetlife.com - sorry to ignore you. Don't forget, i now have a tumblr page too! It's Sometimes jamie - just a little more sissy fun!

Ok, now this is an important Holiday for us girls. It's time to STRETCH and grow and reach for new goals. Here's what i want you to do, and what i am doing, sometime over the next 72 hours....

Make a new goal for yourself. But make it a 'next step' - this is a difficult concept because i want you to REACH...matbe your next step is to make a sissy friend, maybe to shop for yourself, maybe go out dressed, maybe even suck a cock...whatever it is, make it attainable and do your sissy best to DO IT.

To get you on the right track...my goal is to make at least two new local play friends -AND- to have at least one three-way play date. i want to be taken at both ends this year and i am going to make it happen.

i love you sissy!
Happy New Year



Monday, December 23, 2013

Hi sissies!!

i have no affiliation with 'spotify' or anything else advertised here.
my guess is it is part of the global confiscation of your liberty and privacy led by google and the NSA but it's just a guess....
I recommend you use Firefox and block popups and you will not be exposed to this obnoxiousness.
I love you sissy
ps. this is the real me.....take a chance, post a REAL pic of yourself!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

No. 143 ***Wanking Material - Shemale Fuck***

Hi sissies!
This post is for all my people who are NOT chaste at the moment. Remember sissies are ONLY allowed to penetrate, tease/tickle/torture their nipples and lightly rub the head of their clitties. If sissygasm occurs - fair enough. For everybody else....WANK AWAY!

sissies must be tucked, primped and dressed to participate. I will be refraining from touching myself today because I have that dreadful income-generating portion of my life calling.


I love you sissy



I LOVE Baily Jay!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No. 142 ***sissy Assignment - Public Humiliation***

Hi sissies!
New England winters are no fun....hit hard with snow again Monday and Tuesday...YUCK
But with the sun shining today, i have a great deal of fun planned! And i want you to join me in it. Here's what i plan to do today and you should too:

First, i am going to mix up a batch of fake cum. i'd use real cum stored in the freezer if i had any but i have been chaste for days (like you, right?) Then i will put a good amount into my pussy to ensure it will leak throughout the day. Tucked into panties and a pair of girly jeans on and i'm off. i know many people will notice the cut of my legwear and it will be humiliating walking through the shopping mall with them on....but that's what a sissy must do - the job of a sissy is to be sissy and that means doing humiliating things that may be uncomfortable!

Now, while you are out, take notice of all the wonderful girly things around you, the clothes, the makeup, the smells and sounds, the looks. Absorb it. you are a sissy and it's good and OK. Feel the cum leaking? you should like that wet feeling there by now...i do.

Fake cum recipes are available at Sissy Social - i want you all to join and 'friend' me. Do it.

i have also started a tumblr page, please do visit and follow Sometime jamie

i love you sissy



Friday, December 13, 2013

No. 141 ***sissy Training- Waxing***

Hi sissies!
i have such wonderful news! The possibility exists that a Real Master may begin training me. It is so exciting my panties are wet just thinking about it. i have a few tasks to perform to measure if i'm worthy enough and the first is a head to toe waxing. Now, some of you are aware i am not entirely smooth on every square inch...so i am incredibly afraid to do this - BUT i MUST.

i thought it fun for your trining to go hairless with me. i want it all off, no excuses. It's OK to be a girl, you are a girl. It's OK to be a sissy, you are a sissy. It's OK to do what you're told, sissies do what they're told.

i love you sissy



smooth is sexy.....

Thursday, December 12, 2013

No. 140 ***Assignment - sissygasm***

Hi sissies!
i have to go off on a tangent for a minute to share an experience from this morning......
Early this morning, i had to go to the grocer for a couple of things. I decided it would be a great opportunity to lube up and enjoy the awesome feeling of being wet and aroused. Especially while driving, the sensation was terrific. If you haven't done this yet, you MUST. Trust me - it is very worth it. Anyway, when i got home it was freezing cold still and i felt like getting back in bed and playing with my pussy. Here is how it went:

i got on a sliky pair of string bikini panties. Lying on my back, they give me a great view of a flat (sort of) stomach and a cute little triangle hiding my tucked clittie. i put on a VS bra with no forms so my nipples could be pinched. A good sized plug went into my pussy and a dildo went into my mouth. i started working the plug by clenching and grinding against it and pinched/teased my nipples while sucking on the dildo. i also occasionally slapped my ass to give it a little burning...yummmm Then, very lightly, i used my pinky to rub the head of my clit in a circular motion. From my view, it looked like a girl rubbing her clit in a POV video - so fucking hot. Well, just what i had hoped happened....a sissygasm started groing in my loins. i could feel it getting stronger and stronger but i resisted the urge to touch my clit. i just continued to lightly rubit while i pinched and sucked and clenched and all of a sudden i was washed over by an incredible feeling. my clitty never got hard but it gooed. Adding to the excitement was the shame/humiliation of gooing while soft. Men don't cum this way - only little faggy sissies do. It was delicious and i expect you to do everything you can to achieve it yourself.

Wow! i am horny again!

you may ONLY nub by the method described above. The pics and vid are for your viewing pleasure while you evolve into the sissy fag you are. Stroking is over so get used to it.

i love you sissy



You ARE this girl...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No. 139 ***sissy Assignment - 'Wet' down there***

Hi sissies!
Hope you all are enjoying your week being a subdued chastised sissy! Isn't it FUN going through the day KNOWING you may NOT touch that silly little clittie! i find it delicious and arousing - in a demure way of course.

Well, here is a cute little assignment i snipped from my FAVE new website Sissy Social The mod named Lauren is **AWESOME** and i highly recommend you check it out. Anyway - on to the hard work of being a sissy.....

i want you to lube your pussy very well. Not just the opening, it is important for you to get a good amount of lube into the cavity. Feel free to finger yourself while doing this, i did. Done yet.....? OK, now, pull up your panties, tuck your lil package and go about your day....

What? you ask what the assignment is? Poor little sissy doesn't get it yet....the assignment is to feel wet all day. To feel like a horny girl with a damp pussy, ready to be penetrated. To feel a wet spot in your panties in the area of your 'taint'....mmmmmmmm, i LOVE it!

you may nub and edge but NO GOOING....furthermore, the NEW way to nub is this....clittie pointed down and back so the head is facing the floor. Then you may rub the top of the head in a circular motion with a single finger - THAT'S IT. you may rub it just like it's a clit -  because it is!

i love you sissy



Monday, December 9, 2013

No. 138 ***sissy Training - Back to Work***

Hi sissies!
Did you enjoy your wanking? i did for sure. my little clittie is sore from all the work!!!

Well, it's time to get back to work. First things first - so we are on the same page - i want you to download (if you haven't already) the file named Permanent Princess from WarpMyMind. No excuses, sign up download it and make it part of your daily routine. It is a terrific training file. you can listen as you fall asleep but ALSO all day long. i keep it running in my car all the time.

Next, i want you to get yourself all primped, tucked, plugged, painted and squeeezed into a nice tight outfit and watch this video 4 times. While watching, you must nub for a period of three minutes, then rest for three minutes, then nub for three minutes, then rest...get it? The vid is almost 6 minutes long so you should have ample time to nub and edge if possible.


After watching, you need to go to a mirror and affirm yourself 12 times. Stare into your eyes while you do this. you may say something like this:

"my name is jamie, i am a sissy and i like to suck cock."
"i am a faggot and i let men fuck me in the ass"
"i am a girl, i like boys, i suck cock, i eat cum"

Now, when you are finished with all of this, i have just one more assignment. i want you to think about your life 12 months from now - where will you be in your sissyness? Will you still be in this same place, in neutral going nowhere? i hope not. we are going to make some goals over the next few weeks. Goals to ADVANCE our sissy lives and towards our dreams.

There are no dress rehearsals in life. Every minute has 60 seconds then it's gone...

i love you sissy



Here is some incentive to look ahead

Sunday, December 8, 2013

No. 137 ***Wanking Continues****

For your wanking pleasure....vintage Gia Darling.

I love her as an T actress, good sense of humor, great body & face - LOVES cock...what more could one ask for?

Please continue to wank at your leisure all day and night...tomorrow training begins anew!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

No. 136 ***Reintroduction***

Hi sissies!
i know it's been sooooooo long but no worries! we all must go through our own lives working hard to get by. i have no apologies - but i can say i missed you all terribly!

i have been working hard to be a better sissy mostly through captions, mind control audio and diet/exercise.

It's been difficult and boring and rewarding all at once.

Anyway, enough about me. How are you???? Let's have you take a moment and get a handle on where you are in your sissy curve. Are there modifications to your training that are necessary? Are you working hard enough to achieve your goals? Are you afraid of the next step?

IT'S OK! i am here to help again.

Let's do this for our 'reintroduction'... a Wank Fest! For the next 36 hours, you may wank until your little clitty nearly falls off. Then we will get down to business first thing Monday. Here are a couple of vids to help you accomplish this. i love you sissy! xoxo jamie

i love this one