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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No. 133 ***sissy Training - sissy Hypno Video***

Hi sissies!
I know, I've been away for a while. But that's OK...I know you have been good little sissies working hard to be the girls you know you need to be.

Here is a treat for you...a newer terrific video from Allanah it many times and DON"T TOUCH THAT CLITTIE!!!!

I love you sissy!




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  4. What is the fastest way to get started on hormones? Estrogen, spiro and progess for boobie growth? tiffany

  5. Go find a doctor. Get blood work n don't let anyone tell you the pills are to expensive. Years back Premarin n progesterone use to run me round 186.// today the spiri/ estradiol n progesterone run me I want to say under 50.00 for all involved. Cheap n way more effective than Premarin. In so many ways.:)

    Stephyjobes81@ if you'd like to know more in hormones

  6. How do I start to be the sissy I wanna be?

  7. Kircedes rose was so correct in ten logging this, as well as I can't help but want, need, desire n wish this for myself. Giggles

    As crazy as it sounds, I can't help but feel aroused n so turned on by the thoughts of it all

  8. I am so in love with this hypno/ I must watch it like 6 times a day. How arousing a thought to need cock all the time, as Isabella valentine would say. Arousing n so turned on by the thought of it all.

    Giggles as well as so funny that I say it along with them, as if proudly, for so being so. These HRT makes me so passive these days. Not sure if its the hormones or the Hypnos that are doing this to me. I'm like a puppy on a leash at times. I so need to strip the beds/ do laundry/ re make the beds/ take shoes back / cash checks n yet here I sit rubbing my nipples n playing an occasional kiddy game// knowing I'll be working for a company in a few days/ when I can be taking the better paying one in Columbus n yet it's like I'm powerless. I so need guidance in my life as well as better management n can't seem to find the time to fill out a contract either. Like time doesn't exist. Giggles. Omg I so love everything girly n Mmm cock

  9. Omg this so describes me to a T. Yes, yes, yes. I so want crave, desire n do wish this for myself. I can't help but love BBC as well as the thoughts of being my true girly girl good girl self n pleasures beyond belief in just being me 24/7 forever in good girl mode.

    Being on HRT for a few decades n so getting as have looked into getting facial fem surgery already as well as gynecologist thinks I'll be a C cup in like 6 months is so rewarding n such desires of wanting bigger titties to fick a cock with. How incredible a thought to so be there for BBC or other cock. Yummy thoughts so filling my cotton candy mind.

    Mmm arousing thoughts n such a turn on just thinking about it all. I know I have to beat these thoughts as often feel myself slipping on the rabbit hole so to speak, n yet why wood anyone want to not be happy. I mean lets face it. To be on edge n craving cocks how bad could it be right. Giggles

  10. can you upload these videos in youtube... ::(

  11. Omg Jamie Delaney, thankU as I've so missed your postings. Hugs n kisses girlfriend. The BBC was really hot