Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No. 128 ***sissy Training - Balance***

Hi sissies!
OK, this is a FUN exercise....for me anyway. Nobody loves a clumsy sissy with bad posture. And NOBODY will every love you unless you are girly. I mean, really. If all you're ever going be is a faggy man all dolled up and unable to act/look/live like a real girl, what's the point? You NEED this and you NEED to be more girly in order to be who you are....a little sissy fag who wants men in the bed! Hee hee....

Today's assignment isn't easy but it's simple. I want you in panties and bra with dildo in your tight little pussy. Find your highest heels and slip them on. Now, get a grape (or similar sized object even a pebble will do) and stand toes to a wall. You must hold the grape against the wall with your nose for a period of five minutes. I think we did this before so some of you sissies may have tried this. If the grape falls, start over. you are not finished until you complete the task. Some other day I'll tell you why I want you to do this.

Final assignment for today is to go to the grocer and buy a large ginger root. Don't ask why, just do it.

And now, no vid for today...I have a treat from my friends at Girly Fetishism & Feminization

I love you sissy.


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