Monday, March 4, 2013

No. 126 ***Wanking Material - sissy Fun***

Hi sissies!
Here's a fun sissy assignment for a happy Monday. I want you get get all dolled up today. Top to bottom - 100%. The video is such a sweet little sissy, so cute and soft - I could gobble her up! Then get this video on as big a screen as you can and nub until you goo. The only catch is you must goo before the video ends. This gives you 4:39 to get your panties full of delicious yummy dessert! When finished (if you did goo) you may lick it clean out of your panties. I find it helps to have a fat dildo in your mouth while doing this.......

I love you sissy!




  1. Thanks for your posts. This is one school I want to be Cum Loudy in and never graduate.

  2. Hi Jamie, can you tell me who's the girln the video ?

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