Friday, March 1, 2013

No. 125 ***sissy Transformation***

Hi sissies!

Don't forget to go over to the BEST Girly Girl Caption sit on the net at:

Girly Fetishism & Feminization

It really turns me on!

For today's vid, I've posted one of my FAVES because I am a selfish little faggy sissy myself! This one get my clittie tingly and hard and I plan to nub my way to a delicious orgasm.

You, of course, may not goo because we both know you don't deserve it today.

I love you sissy!




  1. can you please give me the link of this video

    Love and kisses

  2. Hi , I want to start with great job on the blog!

    Ever since I found this blog and /girly/ I've become so big of a sissy. Last month I considered myself straight with a small femdom/feminization fetish. Now I'm listening to hypnosis, getting hard on these vids and a growing desire to suck.

    Tommorow I'll be in Amsterdam on my own and seriously thinking about buying a pair of panties. (but not sure where and how)

  3. I no longer stand to pee, I always sit. Trying not to touch my clitty at all, other than washing it. Not even to nubb if I cum while a dildo session so be but thats the only way. Trying to be an excellent student.