Thursday, February 28, 2013

No. 124 - ***Training - Subservience***

Hi sissies!

Many of you view caps for fun and training and I am a big fan of them. Well there is a great place to visit outside of 'blogger world' with handreds of girly-fun pix with captions. To get there, just click:

 Girly Fetishism & Feminization.  You will be happy you did!

Now, onto today's work......

This is a fun topic. I find it an overlooked aspect of sissydom - the concept of subservience. Of course you think you want to serve a man but you MUST be willing to BE subservient. This includes everything. My fave part of this vid is her eagerness to suck on his fingers - a TOTAL act of submission.

you MUST be a sissy. you are a fag in girly clothes good for one thing - to please men. It's OK, you were meant for this, you are becoming who you are. Recognizing you will forever be a sissy fag for a man is the first step to a happy life. Embrace your sissiness!

Dressed, tucked with makeup and heels and you may nub until you goo -BUT- you must leave it in your panties until the following morning. See how much I love you?



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