Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No. 120 ***Wanking Material - Alexia***

Hi sissies!
I just  L O V E  Alexia St. James. So cute, hot, sexy and FLEXIBLE! Here is a treat for all my fans who are allowed to wank (not you sissies) and want to see what a real sissy acts like in bed. She is ESPECIALLY good at lying on her back and pulling her man deep into her, wrapping her legs around him, taking his goo into her pussy - SO girlie!

For today, please enjoy and wank away! Unless you are one of my little sissies. Then you may watch and learn but NO TOUCHING your clittie. you may ONLY pinch and tease your nipples and pussy during this. Of course, you must also be dressed with makeup, tucked and sucking a dildo.

I love you sissy!



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