Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No. 115 ***sissy Hypno***

Hi sissies! I know, I've been away longer than I said I would but the weather was one problem and ATT U-Verse was another. I have officially FIRED U-Verse and should have better more reliable service for internet from now on. Anyway, I don't need to tell you this, you are just a sissy after all, I tell you this because I love you and I know you need help. So...for today, I want you to get into a comfortable position and watch this video several times. you must be properly tucked and may nub but if you goo I will be very disappointed. I am thinking of forcing chastity on some of you little faggy sissies because I get email after email with apologies for gooing. I know a few should not ruin it for the rest but I feel some of you are wasting my time. So if you goo, you are only disappointing me - BUT you are CHEATING yourself from proper training. Why cheat? I'll be fine without you but you will be LOST without me. Last point....and I want to be clear are ONLY allowed to goo when I say you can. I am nearly finished replying to requests for personal training. If accepted and you disobey me, the punishment will be....uncomfortable. So get you acts together! I love you sissy! xoxo jamie

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