Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No. 114 ***sissy Training - sissy Life***

Hi sissies!
I'm adding this post as a 'duhh no kidding' post because I'm SURE you all already do this ...BUT... just in case.....

In your life as a sissy, it is very important to maintain sissy behavior ALL THE TIME. Now that doesn't mean that you need to be in a tutu at the shopping mall - after all, we must be realistic in our lives. But you MUST be mindful of your girlyness all the time everyday always. Even if you're dressed as a male (with panties on I hope!) there are ways to remind yourself, and the perceptive public, that your are just a sissy. Here are some ideas:
  • Be limp wristed. Not necessary to be obvious but let your fingers 'dangle' especially when you talk.
  • ALWAYS cross your legs while sitting and use good posture with shoulders back and chest out. Don't droop EVER.
  • Walk with short steps and try to walk a line everywhere you go. Sway your arms slightly if you feel up to it.
  • Eat lightly and ALWAYS chew with your mouth CLOSED. Small bites, small sips of beverage and NEVER FINISH EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE.
  • Giggle instead of laugh, smile a lot, raise your eyebrows for communication, play with jewelry and/or hair. 
  • Study the girls around you and practice being what they are. The best way to be a girl is to watch and learn from girls -NOT- drag queens, trannys, gays, etc.
This is just a partial list of course. But I want you to, you NEED to, be a better girl. Going back to trying to be a man is silly. you are never going to be a real man so whay not accept it and embrace your girlyness?  Soon I am going to require you to interact with a man. Most of you are not ready yet but you will be. The ultimate sissy step is to kiss a man, let him insert his tongue into your mouth, squeeze your bumm. His rough hands.....whoops, my clittie is now hard.

Giselle is one of my faves - enjoy but NO WANKING TODAY. You may edge by nubbing while tucked but that's it. I am out of town tomorrow and will have a delicious assignment for you Thursday.

I love you sissy!


  1. Still waiting eagerly for that new post! Thank you so much, I missed you!

  2. she is so beautiful and femine I wish to be like her.

  3. what a wonderful man, i like his cock