Monday, January 28, 2013

No. 113 ***sissy Training - Voice practice***

Hi sissies!
Sorry if you missed me over the weekend. The blog was down (for reasons unknown) and it took some identity verification to get it back up again. No worries!

Today's lesson is a fun and simple one. you are to practice using a femmy voice for the entire day. Easy-peasy! Just use a slightly higher pitch all day, not necessarily a falsetto Tiny Tim voice, just a little higher. Here's why.....inevitably, you will end up on your back getting fucked like the girl in the video. When you are moaning, begging your man to fuck you deeper and harder, your voice needs to be in a tenor range at least. Any lower, it just doesn't sound right. This video is the lower end of the range so make sure you are at least this good.

Now the fun part....after watching this video, I want you to think about what type of sissy you want to be. One that looks/acts like a rel girl, one that longs to be a humiliated twink, a dominated maid type....which is it? Then, I want you to think about how you wished to be trained. you can't do it on your own - BELIEVE ME - you must accept the help of someone else. Now close your eyes and nub until gooing and leave it in your panties all day....mmmmm. Maybe someday, with practice, you can be the girl in the pic getting fucked by a real man

Now, I have changed around some of my work details and now have time for 2-3 special sissies for personal training. Think about this....I am not everyone's 'cup of tea' and I will expect a serious commitment if I am to take you on. Send me an email if you think you may need my services. In the email, DON'T blabber on and on with your life story. All I want in it is your contact email address, a sissy picture of you, ONE sentence of what you are in need and a sincere request for help. I will get back to all submissions with my decision.

I love you sissy.



  1. This movie seems familiar to me from Russia

  2. that video was soooooo freeking hot!

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